MTSL Group is a medical billing and practice management company based right here in Portland, Oregon.

We provide local physician practices with everyday administrative task support, such as; medical billing, coding, collections, credentialing, and training. Our services allow physicians to focus on the importance of their patients’ care, while we take care of the paperwork.

We recognize that many practices do not have the resources to hire a group of professionals to manage their business, and are left to take on these responsibilities themselves. We care about those individuals that take care of us and we believe they are better able to provide quality care when they do not have to worry about mundane day-to-day tasks. This is why we created MTSL Group – to provide support for these physicians, and help them improve their practice operations without paying an arm and a leg.

The bottom line is our group of experienced professionals can significantly improve the operations of each client’s practice by offering expertise in their respective fields.


Billing & Collections

Providing practical and cost effective billing and collection services for your practice…

Credentialing/Re-Credentialing Services

Helping you navigate the difficult process of provider enrollment and medical credentialing,…

Provider Training

Our Provider training class is designed to help you do the billing…


At all points we believe in adapting our services to meet your needs. To that end, we work with the EMR that you currently use instead of asking you to use an EMR we prefer. Also, while our pricing is generally consistent with similar type of practices it can vary based on your individual needs. So, to get an accurate quote for your practice please complete the form in the Contact section.


MTSL took care of my credentialing and currently manages my billing, bookkeeping, and business management. They save me time, money, and energy- all of which I can then dedicate to improving patient experience and quality of care. The team is excellent, timely, and willing to communicate. I highly recommend MTSL to other practices who are looking ditch the drudgery of paperwork and get their focus back on practicing medicine.

Dr. Hart

I have been very pleased with the very personal support from MTSL! I can tell that they care about my practice and business and want to help me succeed. I use their billing, bookkeeping and credentialing services which are all great. I would (and have) definitely recommend MTSL to other small medical practices.

Dr. Schaefer

MTSL is amazing. For a multitude of reasons, our Medical Billing had fallen into disarray. The team at MTSL brought consistency, accuracy and increased income to our organization in very short order. After that initial clean-up, they have maintained our billing in an efficient and elegant manner. They are truly a joy to work with and an asset to our efforts!


MTSL allows me to be my best! Here at Oregon Occupational Medicine (OOM) we strive for excellence in the practice of Occupational Medicine. MTSL allows me to focus on patient care rather than worry about managing my medical practice. They take the hassle out of running a business by providing needed services including HR, coding and billing as well as business management service. I would definitely recommend MTSL to other group or individual practices.

Dr. Dodge

Before working with MTSL I was feeling overwhelmed handling all the billing on my own. I looked at other services, and I either had to give over complete control of the billing process or pay complicated fee schedules.
MTSL’s personal process worked seamlessly with my clinic. They have decreased the loss of money from delinquent accounts and eased the load of burdensome paperwork. They have allowed my clinic to run smoother and increase the amount of time I can treat patients.
I would recommend MTSL to anyone who wants an expert employee to help their clinic grow but does not want the expense or added staff to their payroll.

Dr. Sheppy


Matthew Jacobsen

Matthew has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and an Associates Degree…

Elizabeth Russell

Elizabeth has a Masters in Business Administration from Marylhurst University and a…

Mallory Espejo, CPC

Mallory is a certified medical coder with over ten years’ experience in…
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